Posts in which I hoped to teach and/or learn something, usually computer-related.

calmcode Python video courses

Hello Dancer2

Some simple first steps with the Perl 5 Dancer2 web framework

Python 2 Babysteps 01 Installing Python 2

Think of it as Step Zero for the other Python tutorials.

Parrot Babysteps 0e - Parrot Namespaces

Rakudo Babysteps

Rakudo Babysteps 01 - Starting With Rakudo

Parrot Babysteps 0d - The SpaceTrade Project

Parrot Babysteps 0c - The Stellar App

Parrot Babysteps 0b - Subroutine Params

Parrot Babysteps 0a - The Stellar Project

Parrot Babysteps 09 - Simple Projects

Parrot Babysteps 08 - Testing With Test::More

Parrot Babysteps 07 - Writing Subroutines

Parrot Babysteps 06 - Files and Hashes

Parrot Babysteps 05 - More About Arrays

Parrot Babysteps 04 - Adding Command Line Arguments

Parrot Babysteps 03 - Simple Control Structures

Parrot Babysteps 01 - Getting Started

Parrot Babysteps 02 - Variables and Types

Perl 5 Babysteps - Conclusion

Parrot Babysteps

Perl 5 Babysteps 02 - User Input


Python Interactive Fiction - 03 Handling Multiple Turns

Python Interactive Fiction - 02 Tying the Scenes Together

Python Interactive Fiction - 01 Handling a Single Round

Interactive Fiction with Python

Learning XML

REBOL Babysteps - 04 Repeating Yourself

Monitor Your Battery Life With REBOL

REBOL Babysteps - 03 Making Decisions

Perl 5 Babysteps 01 - Getting Started

Installing and first steps with Perl

Perl Babysteps

REBOL Babysteps - 01 Getting Started

REBOL Babysteps - 02 Getting Started With View

REBOL Babysteps

Drawing Celtic Knotwork

Look at the Latest Fark Headlines

Control Structures

Simple Ruby CGI

Ruby Babysteps 01 - First Steps

Ruby Babysteps

Simple Types in Python

In which I attempt to explain value types

Python Babysteps Tutorial

Before the basics