Posts where I used the Ruby programmming language and thought that was interesting.

Nanoc builds sites faster with 3.2.0

Ain't no benchmark like an unscientific ad hoc benchmark

Tweaking my tools

Letting Ruby build Asciidoctor files for Hugo

Stuff like this is why i don't advertise my site repo

Got a Working glitch-soc Rails Dev Environment

I remain ambivalent about Rails development

Crafts Are Now Posts

iTunes to Rhythmbox

I nearly wrote a script that transfers my iTunes ratings to Rhythmbox. Instead I used Edgar Salgado's version of iTunesToRhythm.

Ruby iTunes Ratings Fun

Using Ruby to summarize my iTunes music ratings

Counting Words in Blog Posts

Using Ruby to track my verbosity

Welcome to Jekyll!

My Own Ruby Fibers Babystep

Rereading the Pickaxe


Ruby and the HYG Star Catalog

Quick Praise for JVM languages

PageTemplate for Site Generation Part 2

PageTemplate for Site Generation

Another Link

Reinstalling JRuby



Mp4Info issues

Late Night Thoughts About FM

FXRuby MPlayer Idea


Drawing Celtic Knotwork

Look at the Latest Fark Headlines


A short series of posts I wrote on doing moderately interesting ruby exercises.

Ruby Web Development

Simple Ruby CGI

Ruby Babysteps 01 - First Steps

Ruby Babysteps