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  • Learning XML

    Mar 17, 2006 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere · xml · learn ·

    A mountain of standards and specifications have piled on top of XML over the years, but the core language is still pretty easy to get started in. Because it is a markup language rather than a programming language, there aren’t as many new concepts to learn. If you’ve learned HTML in the past, then XML will be familiar.

  • XML

    Mar 17, 2006 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere · xml ·

    XML is the core language of the Web. It forms the foundation for nearly everything you read with your browser. You might not know this, though, because of the great number of languages and acronyms you find. Web pages are written in XHTML, news feeds are written in RSS, and many applications communicate to each other with XML-RPC. If you use Google Talk, then you are relying on the Jabber protocol. What do each of these languages have in common? They are all XML languages.