September 2019 Notes

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Do not shop on first coffee

Do not shop on first coffee

Got sidetracked while picking up breakfast stuff from Uwajimaya. Should probably have finished my first cup of coffee before I left. Could have been worse. There was an entire boy band worth of that Babinski Cold Brew. I only took one.

Meanwhile, someone put a flyer on the apartment bulletin board for the Earshot Jazz Festival. Checked to see if any of the names were familiar. Most were new to me, but I recognized — and enjoy — Knife Knights.

A jazz context makes more sense for Knife Knights than rap/hip-hop, which is where I usually see them filed. Heck, genres are meaningless anyways. My favorite music stores just arrange albums alphabetically.

Anyways, time to drink some coffee!

minor social network culling

minor social network culling

Ello? I only remember you exist because of your emails. Delete account.

MeWe? No API. Delete account.

Instagram? No API. Awful link handling. Delete account. Delete —del— I said “delete” dammit.

Maybe later. Uninstalled from my phone at least.

Oh right, speaking of emails. Classmates. What a terrible idea that was. Nostalgia is not my strong suit. Delete account.

That one took a minute.

Facebook? Well, that’s my main contact for too many folks. I can uninstall it though.

Oh, I can only disable it. Yeah you’re on the list now too, Samsung.

Leaving the rest because I have other stuff to do.

This note reflects entirely too foul of a mood. Throwing in a drawing from the other day. There. Now smile.

Pioneer Square has a view now

Pioneer Square has a view now

We went out for dinner the other evening, and once the sun was no longer blasting directly in our eyes – yay for precession of the equinoxes – we were treated to a hell of a sight.

See, the Alaskan Way Viaduct has blocked any real view of the Puget Sound from ground level since the 1950s. But it’s going away. Near Pioneer Square, it’s gone. I can look right at the water.

Until they start building up that juicy real estate, of course. But I’ll enjoy it while I can.


Too tired to make it make sense. My site broke under Hugo .58. No front page listing. I fixed it. Yay!

Instead of (for notes):

{{- range first 1 (where .Pages "Section" "note") -}}

I used

{{- range first 1 (where .Site.RegularPages "Section" "note") -}}

I also fixed the RSS feed, and updated the feeds post with those (very similar) details.

A Microsoft Linux Conference?

The two day event will feature presentations by the Microsoft team behind the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature; the creators of the ‘Pengwin‘ WSL distributions; and (more pertinent to our tastes, perhaps) the Ubuntu on WSL team at Canonical.

The free-but-small WSLConf is scheduled for March of next year, so WSL 2 will probably be generally available. Much easier than staying caught up with the Fast Ring.

I may have to check this out.

[+1 Interesting]

As a fan of Slashdot and Everything2 – and actual user of PerlMonks – in years past, I’m sure the next half hour will be chock full of nostalgia for me.