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[2022-05-25 Wed 09:54]

Tags: tools windows

New Windows Terminal Preview release dropped. I spend enough time working in Windows that I pay attention to this stuff.

I’m fussy about my terminal experience, so I use Windows Terminal Preview when getting work done on Windows. It’s a few steps ahead of the main release, which currently means fewer — not none but fewer — weird little display bugs in Neovim and tmux.

It’s Microsoft Build! We have a Windows Terminal Preview release for you focused on fixing bugs and improving quality.

You’ll probably mostly see screenshots of the multi-pane single-image background, but I don’t mess with image backgrounds in my terminal. Too distracting for my brain.

This bit about GUI apps interests me though. It might smooth things out when I’m running X11 Emacs from WSL2.

Using windowed applications from the terminal should work much better now:

  • ConPTY can now handle show/hide window calls.
  • Windows created by console applications now appear above the terminal.
  • Focus events are now sent through VT input.

Oh hey what’s this?

The terminal should no longer crash when deleting the last profile in the settings UI.

Bumped into this bug the other day, while cleaning out some neglected distro installations.

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