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  • Elisp Functions Described in the Emacs Tutorial

    May 27, 2014

    Tools · emacs · elisp · tutorial ·

    The other day I talked some sort of nonsense about organizing my notes into some sort of coherent blog post. Heck with that. Life is too short. Instead I will just dump them here and hope somebody finds them useful. Maybe later I can do something with it. For now it’s just supplemental material for the official Emacs tutorial

  • The Emacs Tutorial as ELisp Tour

    May 24, 2014

    Tools · emacs · elisp · tutorial ·

    I am trying to really learn how to use GNU Emacs. One thing that strikes me is how the Emacs user interface can be thought of as a client application to an Emacs Lisp API. This is not a revolutionary thought, but it really stuck in my head. I reread the official tutorial, focusing on the functions rather than the keybindings that invoke them.