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I say that I do not have a favorite programming language. If I did have a favorite language, it might be Ruby. I’ve been messing around with it randomly for a few years, and I am continually amazed by how easy it is to build programs with it. Ruby is a delight to work with. I’m not sure how to describe it, because it uses elements from so many great languages. Freak that I am, I’ve gone out and started fiddling with some of the languages that Ruby borrows from so I can use Ruby better.

Ruby is Object Oriented in a way that languages like Java claim to be, but without as many special conditions. It operates on The Principle Of Least Surprise, which basically means that code does what it looks like it’s supposed to, with a minimum of surprises or clever tricks.

  • The Standard Library Documentation contains up-to-date reference material for all of the library modules that come with Ruby. It’s a work in progress, but pretty impressive.
  • It would be silly to forget about the Ruby home page. You’ll find pretty much everything you expect at a home page, including downloads, mailing list links, and links to more information.
  • The Seattle.rb is a small but dedicated group of Ruby hackers who always have some crazy idea about new projects. They officially meet once a month, but the curious are welcome to come hang out for general geekery every Tuesday.
  • I have to toot my own horn a little. I’ve got a tutorial page on this site, and the total novice might find it useful. The experienced Ruby hacker is encouraged to scan it and suggest improvements.

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