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Wednesday, 19 May, 2021

Not sure why I keep fussing with every single SSG. It's fun, I guess?

So after bouncing back to Hugo from a brief Statamic experiment, what do I do? Do I post the slides from a talk I gave the other day, like I promised?

No of course not.

I spent the weekend messing with Nanoc and Nikola. Still chasing the high of the perfect site generator? Maybe.

Nikola’s got the convenience thing down. Someone can sit and start a fresh blog quick.

Nanoc’s got this sort of friendly flexibility. It’s been able to handle every idea so far. Obviously not nearly as fast as Hugo, but fast enough if you don’t get carried away with images and templates.

Guess what I like to do. Get carried away with images and templates.

Anywho, rgb-nanoc and rgb-nikola hold the results of this lost weekend. Might play more with Nanoc. Might get back to tuning the Hugo site.

Been sort of eyeballing Elder.js and Vitepress too. Sort-of-static sounds like fun.