These are my blog posts.

meanwhile, weather

I got Astro working!

Logseq sure does work hard at being friendly

My Org Config! It's back!

Drawing and site shuffling are coping techniques

Try Riv if you like Vim and reStructuredText

calmcode Python video courses

Using markdown-it in Python

Figuring out just enough markdown-it-py to write this post

winget is pretty slick now

I wrote this note in Hugo with markdown-it-py

Creating a reStructuredText kbd Role

But first a couple others as I figure this out

Today is September 21st — you know the rules

Look at me with one Asciidoctor page in an Astro site

finally have all my content in one format

Wrote a Node.js version of my content format counter

I only golfed it the tiniest bit

Saving some MyST Markdown blogging links for later

Because structured Markdown is an easier SSG target than reStructuredText

Extracting Rich Output for fun and profit

Okay maybe not so much on the profit but definitely fun!

pared down to the base blog

Tooting with Python

Spent the day goofing off with Mastodon.py

trying a thing with neovim

testing a python remote plugin for quicker reStructuredText in Hugo

A finished Awesomewm post from someone else is better than a draft from me

oh no there is a shiny new SSG

Our cats give me more reason to use the terminal

I installed Gitea because it is shiny not because it is needed

Joplin CLI Batch Processing With Raku

In which a minor update veers off on a Raku regex tangent

rakubrew - Raku installer and version manager

My Raku script for Journaling in Joplin

Why mess with getopt when I can just use multi-dispatch?

CLI Journaling in Joplin with Raku

I sure do use a lot of words to justify my one-liners

Logseq knowledge base

Not sure why I keep fussing with every single SSG. It's fun, I guess?

oh no i added a javascript search thing

The Memex Method Works For Me

Karabiner Elements

So here's my first Statamic tip: don't forget xml_handler in your RSS template

Officially Using Statamic For The Site

Hugo's fine but I needed to try something new

I'll deploy eventually.

Mojolicious — Perl real-time web framework

Statamic — the world class Laravel CMS

I'm trying a "notes" collection

Hello World

(Oh yeah this is Statamic)

Themes for Alacritty

Joplin Terminal Basics

Managing notes with Joplin's terminal mode

Still pondering new site approaches

Just name-dropping site generators

asdf -- An extendable version manager

If RMS is your hero then you need better heroes

Maybe I don't know much about Markdown, he says

Hard symmetry soft colors

Linea needs a time tracker

Playwright for Python

yay fresh webmentions again

Got different benchmarks from Programming Crystal

just a note, but too long to post as a note

Just noticed Okular PDF is on Windows

Tweaking my tools

Kill Six Billion Demons

Joplin Note App

testing a thing

Pretty File Summaries with Rich and ExifTool

Want to see something cool?

Looks like Sublime Text is shifting to a subscription plan

Found via my quarterly "Sublime Text 4" web search


W3C Accessibility Guidelines 3.0

Books with Jupyter

I got mentions back up

Deidre's Double Moss Socks

I'm just glad I finished them