My Org Config! It's back!
Tuesday, 9 November, 2021

Drawing and site shuffling are coping techniques

I do love the fairyfloss color scheme

That says it all, really. Been a stressful oh I don’t know let’s say year and a half or so.

Tweaked and reloaded the Picnic CSS-based theme I had a while back. I missed it. Buried my bookmarking links — they’re still there for now, but I have another idea how I want to handle the “info dump” section of the site. I’ll also revisit the #orgconfig section, since it still gets traffic even though I buried it months ago.

And then there’s the drawing. More hours, days, and weeks of manual symmetry in Linea Sketch. Got a store refresh planned for the art! That was what sparked the site shuffling. Wanted a clean slate for my money-grubbing.