Creating a reStructuredText kbd Role

But first a couple others as I figure this out

Wrote a Node.js version of my content format counter

I only golfed it the tiniest bit

Tooting with Python

Spent the day goofing off with

My Raku script for Journaling in Joplin

Why mess with getopt when I can just use multi-dispatch?

Got different benchmarks from Programming Crystal

just a note, but too long to post as a note

My first Julia script

Weaving code in Hugo posts with Julia

Learning a little elisp

Don't get impressed yet

Tangling code from Hugo content with Raku

I could just use Org mode, but noo that's too easy

Letting Ruby build Asciidoctor files for Hugo

Stuff like this is why i don't advertise my site repo

Listing Hugo Content Extensions With Raku

Twenty seconds to write a one-liner, and two days to think about it

A Quick Notes Script for Taskwarrior

DWIM is consistent

Directory Listings With Crystal

I swear I'm not reinventing `ls`.

Summarizing A File With Crystal

Been busy, but let's take a minute to summarize a file's details with [Crystal](

Trying the Crystal Language

In which I use Crystal for a simple shell task

Weighing Files With Python

I want to optimize this site's file sizes, but first I should see if I need to.

Showing Post Word Count in (neo)vim

Circular Grids With Python and Pillow

I want a circular grid for drawing. Let's make one with Python!

Crafts Are Now Posts

Drawing Grids With Python and Pillow

Making A Mojo Link Checker

Converting OGG To MP3

Hello Dancer2

Some simple first steps with the Perl 5 Dancer2 web framework

All The Hugo Themes

Using Python to preview my Hugo site with many themes

PHP, for Some Reason

I have been looking at PHP for the first time in years. I don't know why.

Ruby iTunes Ratings Fun

Using Ruby to summarize my iTunes music ratings

Finding and Removing Duplicate Files

Perl CPAN modules to simplify file cleanup

Counting Words in Blog Posts

Using Ruby to track my verbosity

Welcome to Jekyll!

Perl 5.20 Signatures in Subroutine References

My Own Ruby Fibers Babystep

Rereading the Pickaxe

YAPC::NA 2013 Links From a Non-Attendee