Finished knitting craft projects. Posts for the projects from before 2015 were archived from my Ravelry account.

Deidre's Double Moss Socks
Deidre's Juneuary Hat
Foot hat
Basic Hat With Picot Edge
Basic Hat With Hemmed Edge
Winter Hat and Gloves
Beer Gloves
My First F Bomb
Stocking Cap
My Sloppy Floppy Fingerless Mitten
My Circular Beanie
Nicole's Fingerless Gauntlets
Barbara's Ruana Vest
My Ski Beanie
My Weston Hat
Rainy's Mish-Mash Socks
Rainy's Mish-Mash Gloves
Mom's Stansfield 12 Socks
My Twin Rib Socks
My First Socks
Professor Whom Scarf
Amicable Socks
Quick Garter Stitch Scarf
Brooke's Garter Rib Sock
Brooke's Socks - Not Sarah's
Natalie's Hat
Natalie's Sweater
My Garter Stitch Hat
My Striped Scarf