Nah on Copilot for now

Besides the ethics? The tool itself breaks my flow.

Enso Hybrid IDE Demo

[2022-05-25 Wed 09:54]

Saving some MyST Markdown blogging links for later

Because structured Markdown is an easier SSG target than reStructuredText

Extracting Rich Output for fun and profit

Okay maybe not so much on the profit but definitely fun!

trying a thing with neovim

testing a python remote plugin for quicker reStructuredText in Hugo

I installed Gitea because it is shiny not because it is needed

Joplin CLI Batch Processing With Raku

In which a minor update veers off on a Raku regex tangent

CLI Journaling in Joplin with Raku

I sure do use a lot of words to justify my one-liners

Karabiner Elements

Statamic — the world class Laravel CMS

Joplin Terminal Basics

Managing notes with Joplin's terminal mode

Still pondering new site approaches

Just name-dropping site generators

asdf -- An extendable version manager

Just noticed Okular PDF is on Windows

Joplin Note App

Pretty File Summaries with Rich and ExifTool

Want to see something cool?

Looks like Sublime Text is shifting to a subscription plan

Found via my quarterly "Sublime Text 4" web search


Naming things in tmux

In which I sort out which tmux session is which

Using the API

Fetching my IndieWeb mentions with HTTPie and Requests

Ox Hugo for the Orgconfig

Putting a couple how-to details down for easy searching later

My Git CLI Windows setup

This was mostly an excuse to get better with PowerShell


Trying out another windows package manager

CSV and Data Tables in Hugo

Am I reinventing reStructuredText with shortcodes? Don't judge me.

Alias Templates in Hugo

I killed some redirects for accessibility and likes

Setting up Raku with Rakubrew

Rakudobrew changed its name since last I looked

Querying Hugo Content With Python

I had entirely too much fun replacing my site metadata script with sqlite-utils

Got a Working glitch-soc Rails Dev Environment

I remain ambivalent about Rails development

Taskwarrior Custom Reports

I made a priority task to cut down on the priority tasks, and here we are

From Dotfiles to Org File

at 1:30am they're all good ideas

h-entry Microformat for Indieweb Posts

In which I go overboard with Hugo and Python for a quick Sunday task

Getting File Info From The Shell

I could right click for properties but the mouse is way over there

Autorun Keyboard Settings for Awesomewm

Getting Control and Escape keys where I want them

Indieweb h-cards

Using microformats to build a profile page

STDU Viewer

I think I found my PDF reader for Windows

Sort of Tufte CSS

I tried something new with my site style.

Python Invoke

I got to know the Python `invoke` task runner a little better.

Stealing a Hugo Shortcode for Nikola

I needed a YouTube shortcode for Nikola, so I adapted Hugo's.

Goto Address Mode Opens Links in Emacs

Use `goto-address-mode` to make links in Emacs buffers clickable

Choosing a static site generator

If you're making a site for fun, use something you'll have fun with

Taskwarrior Sync

Tweaking a Nikola Theme

reStructuredText Basics For Blogging

I got carried away taking notes about basic RST usage

Building a starter blog with Nikola

In which I play with another site builder

Quick Zoom Text in Emacs

Installing Emacs Documentation on POP!_os

Apt spells "emacs core docs" as "emacs-common-non-dfsg".

Smug mode activated

Emacs use-package

Just declared `.emacs` bankruptcy. Starting over with `use-package`.

Building Rakudo and Moarvm on Linux

In which I rediscover `make && make test && make install`

Colorized my go output with grc

In which I spent Sunday having fun learning stuff

Taskwarrior Editing Refinements

In which I mention more ways to edit Taskwarrior tasks

Try xkcdpass

In which I suggest a password generator

Kitty Terminal

I installed kitty for font ligatures in terminals on Linux, but it does other stuff too.

Pretty Print Terminal Files With Bat

`bat` is like a fancier `cat` for displaying file contents.

Chronological Taxonomy Listings in Hugo

Turning Taskwarrior Posts Into a Series

There's a new taxonomy for posts that are written in a particular order!


Taskwarrior Projects

Use Taskwarrior projects to organize closely related tasks!

Active Tasks in Taskwarrior

Using Hugo Data Templates

Trying Beorg

The beorg iOS app has me playing with Org mode again

Windows Virtual Desktops

Setting Task Dependencies in Taskwarrior

I'm not done reading a book until I finish the exercises. Taskwarrior can help me remember.

Taskwarrior Contexts

Taskwarrior Due Dates

Taskwarrior Due Dates

Taskwarrior Priorities


Wellington for Sass

Beets and iTunes

beets and AppleScript helped me fix my incorrect track information

Full Content Hugo Feeds

Emacs Writegood Mode

Logging Money In Org Mode

Hugo Archetype Templates

Taking OS X Screenshots


Cinnamon Screenshot Shortcuts

Using Disqus in Hugo

Yearly Post Archives In Hugo

Bob Ross CSS

Next? Hugo

I Rebuilt Random Geekery with Hugo

Added Suggested Posts

I started writing about PNWPHP but got distracted and added "Suggested Reading" to my posts instead.

reStructuredText in Jekyll

I can write Jekyll posts with reStructuredText now.

iTunes to Rhythmbox

I nearly wrote a script that transfers my iTunes ratings to Rhythmbox. Instead I used Edgar Salgado's version of iTunesToRhythm.


Draft Mode in Jekyll Templates

Use site.show_drafts in your template to keep site development from cluttering analytics

Making a Jekyll Collection

In which I try out Jekyll's experimental Collections

Remote Editing In Atom

I am slowly learning more about how to use Atom for real work.

Atom Works on openSUSE

Using Octopress 3

Experiments with the Octopress Jekyll extension bundle

Use cpan-outdated

Blog Writing in Org Mode

An experiment with using Org mode to write Jekyll blog posts.


A package manager for Windows

My Ubuntu Setup

replyrc And Mojo

Customizing Perl Reply and using -Mojo

REPL In Perl With Reply

Connect To MongoDB on a Vagrant box from the host

Trusty Mongo Mojo Box

Python3 and pyvenv

What is build-essentials for openSUSE

Pretty Recursive Grep

Start Using Emacsclient

Pulling a Remote Branch In Git

I Learned GitHub Has Interesting Links

Elisp Functions Described in the Emacs Tutorial

The Emacs Tutorial as ELisp Tour

Exporting From Org to Markdown