December 2019 Notes

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At last I have a mission statement

At last I have a mission statement

The stress ball lasted four days under my stress load, but the reader board is a Christmas present that will keep on giving.

Removing mmark has me grumbly

So the Hugo team is deprecating the mmark Markdown parser. This is an understandable decision. Providing all those options must make Hugo a challenge to maintain and improve.

Well anyways I fixed it — sort of — with some Perl.

I spent my free time wrestling with trivial site details instead of writing posts and having fun. If it was due to my own misguided experimentation, that would be fine. That happens all the time. But no. I had to convert half my site because of someone else’s decisions.

That sort of thing sticks with you.

I got her a card for her birthday

I got her a card for her birthday

A paraphrased conversation:

“What do you want for your birthday?”
“Oh, nothing. A card, maybe.”
“I can do that.”

That’s one of her drawings superimposed over one of my drawings.

She loved it.

Let's call the notes experiment a success

Yep. I love the Notes experiment. It encourages me to post quick thoughts frequently.

I’m officially assimilating Notes into the main flow of the site. That means tags instead of their own taxonomy. It also means they get listed with posts in the archive.

Got a few ideas for a tidy separation of the two, but for taxonomy and history we are back to one main flow.

Again with the manual symmetry

Again with the manual symmetry

I spent forty hours over the last month or so drawing this.

Couldn’t decide which aspect I liked best. Line work? Color? Values? So I went with all three.

On another note, I kinda want to study more about image formats. JPEG clearly has some issues with the red. PNG is unacceptably large thanks to all the detail work.

Always got time for Miyazaki

kaptainkristian demonstrates how sound, animation pacing, background animation, all affect the immersion of a Studio Ghibli film.

RSS fix, I hope

Something went wonky in the RSS for this morning’s post. So I rewrote the RSS template. Classic me.