Using the API
Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
Checking out Playwright for Python
Tuesday, 13 October, 2020

I added this note from org mode

note #Emacs #OrgMode
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Trying an experiment with setting up a capture template so ox-hugo can add short notes to the site.

I built up the ox-hugo capture sample to get my preferred SECTION/YEAR/MONTH/STUB folder layout.

(defun org-hugo-note-capture-template ()
  "Returns `org-capture' template string for new site note."
  (let* ((title (read-from-minibuffer "Title: "))
         (fname (org-hugo-slug title))
         (year (format-time-string "%Y"))
         (month (format-time-string "%m")))
    (mapconcat #'identity
                 ,(concat "* TODO " title)
                 ,(concat ":export_hugo_bundle: "
                          (mapconcat #'identity (list year month fname) "/"))
                 ":export_file_name: index"

Then the important bits of my capture template…

(use-package org
   (quote ("s" "Site")
          ("sn" "Note" entry
           (file+olp+datetree bmw/org-site "Notes")
           (function org-hugo-note-capture-template)))))

Eventually I got it right, and C-c c s n brought me to this buffer, where I’m editing a note that’s already longer than I usually intend these to be.

* Notes
:export_hugo_section: note
** 2020
*** 2020-10 October
**** 2020-10-24 Saturday
***** TODO I added this note from org mode                        :emacs:
:export_hugo_bundle: 2020/10/i-added-this-note-from-org-mode
:export_file_name: index

Trying an experiment: setting up a [[][capture template]] so [[][ox-hugo]] can add short notes to the site.

Still loads to figure out — for example, how will I get cover images working? But at least I proved to myself that it works.

Back to fixing the broken IndieWeb mentions, which is why I opened my editor a couple of hours ago.