These are my blog posts.

Pluto.jl: Simple reactive notebooks for Julia

Just: A Command Runner

My first Julia script

Weaving code in Hugo posts with Julia

Pkg.jl: Julia's package manager

krohnkite: A dynamic tiling extension for KWin

Project dependencies in Julia

Learning a little elisp

Don't get impressed yet

Org Mode -- Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

Something new to color

An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp

Great workflow you got there

Emacs in a Box

Tags and config and RSS oh my

Emacs Prelude Documentation

New theme for 2021


We have bookmarks!

Command Line Interface Guidelines

IndieWeb bookmarking reference

Found the micro editor

Naming things in tmux

In which I sort out which tmux session is which

Using the Webmention.io API

Fetching my IndieWeb mentions with HTTPie and Requests

I added this note from org mode

Checking out Playwright for Python

Local WP is nice, but no.

I have a society6 shop

SSG is for putterers

Accidental Renaissance: The rolling contest

Work Break with Eleventy

Squiggly Spaceship Thing

Watched an old Tom Waits interview

Slow City Doodle

Fred Brooks was right

Tangling code from Hugo content with Raku

I could just use Org mode, but noo that's too easy

OrgMode-ish VimWiki

Ox Hugo for the Orgconfig

Putting a couple how-to details down for easy searching later

so chemacs is kinda cool

Deidre's Juneuary Hat

My Git CLI Windows setup

This was mostly an excuse to get better with PowerShell


Trying out another windows package manager

Working on Breadcrumbs

CSV and Data Tables in Hugo

Am I reinventing reStructuredText with shortcodes? Don't judge me.

Wanted a uses page, made a config section

Not saying this is a good idea

Here have a drawing

uploaded to cpan oops hang on how about now

Enjoyed this Derek Sivers interview

Alias Templates in Hugo

I killed some redirects for accessibility and likes

Setting up Raku with Rakubrew

Rakudobrew changed its name since last I looked

Letting Ruby build Asciidoctor files for Hugo

Stuff like this is why i don't advertise my site repo

Sepia Hallucination

I Added 10 Seconds to Build Time!

Shaved 3 Seconds Off Site Build Time!

Clearing the tracks as we go is part of the fun

Hard Moving on From Perl When It Keeps Being More Good Enough Than the Other Good Enough Solutions

My Therapist Would Love This if I Had One

Debugging My Site With a Little Help From My Friends

Made an Emacs Binding for Config Quick Edit

Querying Hugo Content With Python

I had entirely too much fun replacing my site metadata script with sqlite-utils

Datasette Sure Is Nifty

Got a Working glitch-soc Rails Dev Environment

I remain ambivalent about Rails development

Pondering My Indieweb Guinea Pig

Skinny Lines and Flat Colors

Sorry if I Broke Your Rss Feed

Taskwarrior Custom Reports

I made a priority task to cut down on the priority tasks, and here we are

How many recent authors on CPAN?

From Dotfiles to Org File

at 1:30am they're all good ideas

I Helped genehack!

Patronize Me on Liberapay

h-entry Microformat for Indieweb Posts

In which I go overboard with Hugo and Python for a quick Sunday task

The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old

Why Do I Blog?

Getting File Info From The Shell

I could right click for properties but the mouse is way over there

How Mom stays creative

Kistler Tree

Useful Overview of Neurodiversity

Autorun Keyboard Settings for Awesomewm

Getting Control and Escape keys where I want them

Indieweb h-cards

Using microformats to build a profile page

Sepia Sunburst

Sign of the Times

Yay I Added Mentions and Replies

Listing Hugo Content Extensions With Raku

Twenty seconds to write a one-liner, and two days to think about it

STDU Viewer

I think I found my PDF reader for Windows

Every Post Has a UUID

Got Married Yesterday

Can't let our dystopian sci-fi setting stop us

VS Code pylint needs pylintrc

Passing Tests Is Now Required to Push

Today in Personal Accomplishments

All I Did Was Click Bulk Download

Emacs refresh-package-contents

That Is Just Embarrassing

Sort of Tufte CSS

I tried something new with my site style.

I have one like somewhere

Python Invoke

I got to know the Python `invoke` task runner a little better.

Stealing a Hugo Shortcode for Nikola

I needed a YouTube shortcode for Nikola, so I adapted Hugo's.

Yay Fluid Images

Somebody Discovered Fork Awesome

inv note

Goto Address Mode Opens Links in Emacs

Use `goto-address-mode` to make links in Emacs buffers clickable

Added dark mode for the site

Choosing a static site generator

If you're making a site for fun, use something you'll have fun with

Taskwarrior Sync

Tweaking a Nikola Theme

Random Geekery a la Gatsby.js

Random Geekery a la Nikola

reStructuredText Basics For Blogging

I got carried away taking notes about basic RST usage

that thing

Go back to bed

A Quick Notes Script for Taskwarrior

Eleventy 0.10.0 is out and I am distracted again

Building a starter blog with Nikola

In which I play with another site builder

Noncommercial-only licenses are hard

Quick Zoom Text in Emacs