Learning how to use Taskwarrior, a command line task manager.

OrgMode-ish VimWiki

Taskwarrior Custom Reports

I made a priority task to cut down on the priority tasks, and here we are

Taskwarrior Sync

A Quick Notes Script for Taskwarrior

On moving your life forward

Taskwarrior Editing Refinements

In which I mention more ways to edit Taskwarrior tasks

Yanick made me do it

Trying the Crystal Language

In which I use Crystal for a simple shell task

task add 'admit a mistake'

Checking in on my idea bucket

Turning Taskwarrior Posts Into a Series

There's a new taxonomy for posts that are written in a particular order!

Taskwarrior Projects

Use Taskwarrior projects to organize closely related tasks!

Active Tasks in Taskwarrior

Setting Task Dependencies in Taskwarrior

I'm not done reading a book until I finish the exercises. Taskwarrior can help me remember.

Taskwarrior Contexts

Taskwarrior Due Dates

Taskwarrior Due Dates

Taskwarrior Priorities