Posts where I used the Python programming language and thought that was interesting.

calmcode Python video courses

Using markdown-it in Python

Figuring out just enough markdown-it-py to write this post

I wrote this note in Hugo with markdown-it-py

Creating a reStructuredText kbd Role

But first a couple others as I figure this out

Saving some MyST Markdown blogging links for later

Because structured Markdown is an easier SSG target than reStructuredText

Extracting Rich Output for fun and profit

Okay maybe not so much on the profit but definitely fun!

Tooting with Python

Spent the day goofing off with

trying a thing with neovim

testing a python remote plugin for quicker reStructuredText in Hugo

Playwright for Python

Pretty File Summaries with Rich and ExifTool

Want to see something cool?


Books with Jupyter

Using the API

Fetching my IndieWeb mentions with HTTPie and Requests

Checking out Playwright for Python

Querying Hugo Content With Python

I had entirely too much fun replacing my site metadata script with sqlite-utils

Datasette Sure Is Nifty

h-entry Microformat for Indieweb Posts

In which I go overboard with Hugo and Python for a quick Sunday task

VS Code pylint needs pylintrc

Python Invoke

I got to know the Python `invoke` task runner a little better.

reStructuredText Basics For Blogging

I got carried away taking notes about basic RST usage

A Quick Notes Script for Taskwarrior

Building a starter blog with Nikola

In which I play with another site builder

DWIM is consistent

Weighing Files With Python

I want to optimize this site's file sizes, but first I should see if I need to.

Circular Grids With Python and Pillow

I want a circular grid for drawing. Let's make one with Python!

Drawing Grids With Python and Pillow

Beets and iTunes

beets and AppleScript helped me fix my incorrect track information

Backing The Flask Mega Tutorial Kickstarter

All The Hugo Themes

Using Python to preview my Hugo site with many themes

Python3 and pyvenv

Python 2 Babysteps 01 Installing Python 2

Think of it as Step Zero for the other Python tutorials.

Python 2.x Babysteps

Elaborate Answers To Simple Questions

Python Blogger Refresh Part 2 - Settings

Python Blogger Refresh, Part 1

Adding Categories to the Python Blogger Client

Python Loves Blogger (Part 1)

Python Interactive Fiction - 03 Handling Multiple Turns

Python Interactive Fiction - 02 Tying the Scenes Together

Python Interactive Fiction - 01 Handling a Single Round

Interactive Fiction with Python

Control Structures

Simple Types in Python

In which I attempt to explain value types


Python Babysteps Tutorial

Before the basics