Got Married Yesterday

Can't let our dystopian sci-fi setting stop us

Basic DIY Sea Salt Spray

In which I write a hair spray recipe and *then* share the story

Now on Dreamhost

Hopepunk for 2019

On Modesty And Imposter Syndrome

Take a deep breath. Relax. You got this.

Cougar Mountain

Last weekend I wandered the trails of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

Mount Si

I sauntered up the main trail of Mount Si this weekend.

Island Center Forest

Pearl Jam Tag

Fauntleroy Park

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Two Weeks Without Cigarettes

New Theme for a Bit

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Interviewed About Facebook

Comments One More Time

Summer Reading

Backing The Flask Mega Tutorial Kickstarter

Disqus Again

Amazon Donates Space For Mary's Place Home

Disqus Refresh

Geekish Update

New Twitter Account Just For The Site

No Disqus For Now

Maybe Ration My Time In Hot Take Land

Still Not Dead

Open Sourcing Mental Illness

Ed Finkler's OSMI project

Half a Life

Brian ponders midlife and plutoids

Blogspot Content Imported

More new old pages

coolnamehere Content Update

The really old pages are now really old posts

Starting The Coursera Programming Languages Course

A quick confession about learning how to learn

And now, Pelican!

I know. I'm fickle.

Hey look over there!

My New New (New) Site

Fantastic Foods' Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza Recipe

Blogroll because what the heck

An Emacs Newbie

AlphaCard Sent Us A Printer


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