These are my blog posts.

Bob Ross CSS

My First Socks

Professor Whom Scarf

Half a Life

Brian ponders midlife and plutoids

Next? Hugo

I Rebuilt Random Geekery with Hugo

Added Suggested Posts

I started writing about PNWPHP but got distracted and added "Suggested Reading" to my posts instead.

reStructuredText in Jekyll

I can write Jekyll posts with reStructuredText now.

PHP, for Some Reason

I have been looking at PHP for the first time in years. I don't know why.

Wrapped Panel

I like this one. Stretching myself with each picture is starting to look interesting.

Celtic Tangle

Another Zentangle practice. This time I mixed in a couple of minor Celtic design elements.

Zentangle Doodle

Trying to get back into the habit of drawing regularly.

iTunes to Rhythmbox

I nearly wrote a script that transfers my iTunes ratings to Rhythmbox. Instead I used Edgar Salgado's version of iTunesToRhythm.


Draft Mode in Jekyll Templates

Use site.show_drafts in your template to keep site development from cluttering analytics

Making a Jekyll Collection

In which I try out Jekyll's experimental Collections

Remote Editing In Atom

I am slowly learning more about how to use Atom for real work.

Atom Works on openSUSE

Using Octopress 3

Experiments with the Octopress Jekyll extension bundle

Use cpan-outdated

Amicable Socks

Because I made them for my ex, and we split on friendly terms

Quick Garter Stitch Scarf

Blogspot Content Imported

More new old pages

coolnamehere Content Update

The really old pages are now really old posts

Ruby iTunes Ratings Fun

Using Ruby to summarize my iTunes music ratings

Amigurumi Ball Thing