These are my blog posts.

Finding and Removing Duplicate Files

Perl CPAN modules to simplify file cleanup

Blog Writing in Org Mode

An experiment with using Org mode to write Jekyll blog posts.


A package manager for Windows

Starting The Coursera Programming Languages Course

A quick confession about learning how to learn

Counting Words in Blog Posts

Using Ruby to track my verbosity

My Ubuntu Setup

replyrc And Mojo

Customizing Perl Reply and using -Mojo

REPL In Perl With Reply

Connect To MongoDB on a Vagrant box from the host

Trusty Mongo Mojo Box

Welcome to Jekyll!

Python3 and pyvenv

Perl 5.20 Signatures in Subroutine References

And now, Pelican!

I know. I'm fickle.

What is build-essentials for openSUSE

Pretty Recursive Grep

Start Using Emacsclient

Pulling a Remote Branch In Git

I Learned GitHub Has Interesting Links

Elisp Functions Described in the Emacs Tutorial

The Emacs Tutorial as ELisp Tour

Hey look over there!

Exporting From Org to Markdown

My New New (New) Site

Fantastic Foods' Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza Recipe


Blogroll because what the heck