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Watching: The Densest City on Earth

pulled in the tumblelog

note #site

Dream Aesthetic

Save those links

Added site search via Pagefind

Watching (the cat in): The Future is a Dead Mall

Nah on Copilot for now

Besides the ethics? The tool itself breaks my flow.

Reading: What developers with ADHD want you to know

A Fun Python Turtle YouTube Playlist

A Knitted Washcloth

Someone Made A How-To on Moebius-style 3D Rendering

Cory Doctorow on the split appeal of tech

Stupid VS Code Vim Tricks

Elf Sternberg on how SSG is not a reaction

New experiment: online brains

please hold

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[2023-02-23 Thu 13:42]

Dendron is officially in maintenance mode

I'm gonna keep using it

New config tangling workflow

Emulate tldr instead of man in your notes

Add an Obsidian CSS Snippet

Hugo Render Hooks for Titled Code Blocks

Captions more than titles, really. No problem. We'll fix it in post.
post #hugo

Running Dart Code

Learning to run Dart so I can walk with it — or something
post #dart

Maybe lock chat-gpt3 out of your blog