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Hopepunk for 2019

Active Tasks in Taskwarrior

Basic Hat With Picot Edge

I continue building my hat knitting knowledge!

Basic Hat With Hemmed Edge

I made another hat! This time I learned how to make a hemmed edge.

Using Hugo Data Templates

Winter Hat and Gloves

On Modesty And Imposter Syndrome

Take a deep breath. Relax. You got this.

Trying Beorg

The beorg iOS app has me playing with Org mode again

Cougar Mountain

Last weekend I wandered the trails of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

Mount Si

I sauntered up the main trail of Mount Si this weekend.

Windows Virtual Desktops


Yes, they look like that on purpose.

Island Center Forest


Pearl Jam Tag

Beer Gloves

Fauntleroy Park

My First F Bomb

Theme Change and Pieces Section


Buy My Stuff At Design by Hümans

Two Weeks Without Cigarettes

Crafts Are Now Posts

Purple Symmetry

New Theme for a Bit

Stocking Cap

I knitted myself a slightly silly stocking cap which I quite enjoy.

Random Geekery Telegram Channel

Interviewed About Facebook

My Replacement Boy Beanie

Crochet Ball Faces

Setting Task Dependencies in Taskwarrior

I'm not done reading a book until I finish the exercises. Taskwarrior can help me remember.

My Sloppy Floppy Fingerless Mitten

A Couple Crochet Hats

My Circular Beanie

Taskwarrior Contexts

Nicole's Fingerless Gauntlets

Barbara's Ruana Vest

Taskwarrior Due Dates

Taskwarrior Due Dates