These are my blog posts.

At last I have a mission statement

DWIM is consistent

Removing mmark has me grumbly

I got her a card for her birthday

Let's call the notes experiment a success

Again with the manual symmetry

Always got time for Miyazaki

RSS fix, I hope

Installing Emacs Documentation on POP!_os

Apt spells "emacs core docs" as "emacs-common-non-dfsg".

Directory Listings With Crystal

I swear I'm not reinventing `ls`.

Smug mode activated

Art Nouveau, Psychedelia, and a Kalevala tangent

Having fun with Emacs

Summarizing A File With Crystal

Been busy, but let's take a minute to summarize a file's details with [Crystal](https://crystal-lang.org/)

Be proud of your blog site thing

Emacs use-package

Just declared `.emacs` bankruptcy. Starting over with `use-package`.

Some manual symmetry with Linea Sketch

I got business stickers

Building Rakudo and Moarvm on Linux

In which I rediscover `make && make test && make install`

Watched Netflix Explained; remembered Bowie

On moving your life forward

Couple decades now

Bookmarking the KEXP livestream links

Basic DIY Sea Salt Spray

In which I write a hair spray recipe and *then* share the story

Foot hat

Slow walkers have inferior brains

A good day for books

We went to the mall. Later, I bought an app.

Do not shop on first coffee

minor social network culling

Pioneer Square has a view now


A Microsoft Linux Conference?

Colorized my go output with grc

In which I spent Sunday having fun learning stuff

Taskwarrior Editing Refinements

In which I mention more ways to edit Taskwarrior tasks

[+1 Interesting]

Yanick made me do it

Trying the Crystal Language

In which I use Crystal for a simple shell task

Chaotic Symmetry

In which I spend a month on a fifteen minute doodle


Proudly doing it wrong

Sweep Leaves Not Lives

I still love when people say nice things about Perl

Might see Little Monsters

Try xkcdpass

In which I suggest a password generator

I forgot how nice KDE can be

"Charming Victorian" also means "Creepy As Hell"

Installed Windows Terminal Preview

Saving some links from Perl 6 Weekly

IndieWeb Principles




Wanting WSL 2

tmux and laundry art

6 Days 21 Hours 30 Minutes To Home

Wait No Hold On

make publish

Artist's rendition of my sinuses


12 days 5 hours 28 minutes to home

I should be sleeping


Chunky Bacon

I Stole A Great Idea

task add 'admit a mistake'

Seattle's Chinatown Gate

Checking in on my idea bucket

Chicken for lunch

Internet Connected!

Added a Hugo note archetype


A quick note

Now on Dreamhost

Weighing Files With Python

I want to optimize this site's file sizes, but first I should see if I need to.

Kitty Terminal

I installed kitty for font ligatures in terminals on Linux, but it does other stuff too.

Pretty Print Terminal Files With Bat

`bat` is like a fancier `cat` for displaying file contents.

Chronological Taxonomy Listings in Hugo

Turning Taskwarrior Posts Into a Series

There's a new taxonomy for posts that are written in a particular order!

Teabagging a Monsto

Yeah I know. That's not what "teabagging" is.

Showing Post Word Count in (neo)vim

Psychedelic Playing Card

Cake Batter


Garden Mandala

Taskwarrior Projects

Use Taskwarrior projects to organize closely related tasks!

Three Circles

Circular Grids With Python and Pillow

I want a circular grid for drawing. Let's make one with Python!