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Nanoc builds sites faster with 3.2.0

Ain't no benchmark like an unscientific ad hoc benchmark

Not the worst workspace

Testing Justfile Recipe Arguments

In which I make my justfile just a little fancier

Social network stuff

note #site

Pulling Twitter From POSSE Links

Enso Hybrid IDE Demo

From Perl to Rust

Emoji Breakdowns With Raku

In which I write a Raku emoji reverse lookup tool.

Customizing a Trilium Report

In which I frolic with a note system that lets me use SQL

My Three(ish) Favorite Nushell Features

In which I once again spend all day decomposing one-liners, this time for Nushell

I Talked About My Site on Test & Code in Python

How About a Tumblelog

Added a Neighborhood Blogroll Thing

Config Tweaks for Nushell

Trying Nushell on Windows

They say I can run Nushell on Windows. Let's try that.

Didn't I do this last year too?

A day of Hugo and cat-sitting
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Logseq's Export Formats

Getting my second brain ready for post-processing

Added an Emacs config based off of nano-emacs

Thinking about Hugo again but maybe with Site.js

Time to start reading Domesticate Your Badgers

Slowly pulling in tools for site flow

Processing Sass in Eleventy

Specifically, building `main.scss` when `_base.scss` changes

Eleventy 1.0 beta handles custom templates

Building my Eleventy site

something something "right tool for the right job"

Starting 2022 With Eleventy

It's not done, but it's done enough